The Rock’s Simple Act Of Kindness Makes Disabled Fan’s Dreams Come True

by : UNILAD on : 01 Nov 2016 15:52

When will The Rock stop being such a bloody good guy? Spoiler: never. The Rock will never, ever, stop being a bloody great guy. 


This video, like many others, showcases The Rock’s kindness and brilliance perfectly as he greets a disabled fan of his with open arms before posing for photographs.

Now you may think that The Rock didn’t do much at all – but with an incredibly busy schedule both on set and at the gym it would’ve been incredibly easy for Dwayne to half-arsedly sign an autograph, shake hands, and walk off but he didn’t.

Instead he threw down his gym bag and gave a ‘sweaty bear hug’, in his own words not mine, to one of his millions of fans out there who will no doubt never forget the moment he met his hero.


Writing about the beautiful moment, Dwayne wrote: 

I’m quick to throw my bag down to give big ass sweaty bear hugs!! I was just finishing my workout when my security team buzzed me that there was a special young man named, Alton waiting downstairs to meet me. I turn the corner and see this awesomely cool dude waiting for me.

Proud to show me his shaved head and was wearing a t-shirt with my face on it. The face on the shirt was a little better looking than me, but the hell with it I’ll suck it up.

The gentleman who’s hand I shook, is an officer for the HPD (Honolulu Police Dept). Appreciate all you do sir and be safe out there.

Chatted with Alton for a few minutes after this pic before I had to rush off to work. I say it often and it may seem silly, but little things like this will always be the best part of fame.

Great meeting you buddy. Stay cool and keep wearing the best shirt ever. Of all time. In the world.

Man I love The Rock.

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