The Shermanator From ‘American Pie’ Looks Completely Different Now

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It’s hard to imagine it’s been nearly 20 years since ‘The Shermanator’ and the American Pie gang dropped onto our screens, but it is and he looks very different now. 

It was way back in 1999, when the bunch were partying like it’s ’99, because, well, it was and sordid things were being done to baked goods….

But it was also a time when the legend of the geeky and slightly goofy teen, with crap hair, who pissed himself when panicked called ‘The Shermanator’ was born.

Casually showing off my new bicycle. #matteblack #cycling #6ku #stockbike #cantwaitforupgrades #singlespeed

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Despite thinking he was a god’s gift to women, the terminator obsessed teen didn’t exactly have much luck in that department, which can be probably be attributed to the piss among other things…

Nearly two decades later however, the actor Chris Owen, behind the acne-faced trier has certainly changed quite a bit, to the point where his former self would be unrecognisable…

Although his looks have blossomed, it doesn’t seem like his career has over the last few year, with reports he was working as a waiter in 2013…

Casually showing off my new bicycle. #matteblack #cycling #6ku #stockbike #cantwaitforupgrades #singlespeed

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It seems things may be picking up for the 36-year-old nowadays though, as the now reasonably attractive Chris has two films in the pipeline

It also appears he’s doing quite well in the love section these days, having bagged himself a new actress girlfriend, Dayna Cousins.

How things change hey, I’m sure ‘The Shermanator’ would be pretty proud…