The Simpsons Go Retro In 80’s Action Movie Homage For New Couch Gag

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2016 10:43

In recent times The Simpsons have stepped up their couch gag game, getting a lot more expansive on how far they’ll go with it.


Some were subtle, some were completely over the top. Some even featured high profile celebs, but now it looks like they’ve added another classic to its repertoire…

This week, animator Steve Cutts took the cast of The Simpsons and gave it an 80’s makeover for an extended ‘couch gag’, with a serious helping of Miami Vice and it’s cool as fuck…

If you were worried the show was getting a bit samey, well it looks like they’ve listened to your worries…


Homer has been reinvented as an 80’s crime fighter, with a muscular sofa as his trusty sidekick. Standard.

Watch them as they beat down thugs and drug dealers led by an equally muscular and suave underground kingpin, Ned Flanders.

The opening sequence is filled rock music, neon font and a shed load of 80’s references- what more could you want?

So enjoy watching bullet shells pile high in this action-packed clip.

Maybe this setup could be a spin off once the iconic show finally ends? We hope so…

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