The Simpsons Made A Freaky Super Bowl Prediction In 2012

YouTube/20th Television

Throughout The Simpsons long history on air, the show has eerily predicted the future numerous times.

From President Donald Trump to the horse meat scandal, they rarely miss a beat. And as it turns out, they’re not too shabby at predicting the Super Bowl either.

The creators behind The Simpsons foretold that Lady Gaga would fly through the air on a harness – something she did during her Super Bowl halftime show yesterday.

Sure, it’s less on-the-nose than say their smartwatch or first-generation iPod predictions, but it’s still impressive.

Gaga appeared in the 2012 episode Lisa Goes Gaga, which featured the singer playing a concert in Springfield before taking flight from her stage and soaring above the crowd in a costume similar to the one she wore at the Super Bowl (minus the flaming boobs).

And that wasn’t the only similarity.

There was also a moment during the half time show where drones during Gaga’s performance shaped the American flag. Fans are comparing the scene to another Simpsons episode, where drones in the sky form a cowboy hat – which is a slight stretch.

Another image from the show has also been widely shared on social media, claiming the show predicted the game score.

However, the photo has been doctored and does not, in fact, perfectly predict last night’s history-making outcome.

Here’s the original:

And the altered:

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As for Lady Gaga, with over 600 aired episodes, The Simpsons is bound to be linked to real-life similarities somewhere.

Better luck next time.