This Simpsons Version Of Making A Murderer Is Perfect


If you’re one of the millions of people who raced through Netflix hit documentary Making A Murderer, you’re probably experiencing some sort of withdrawal symptoms.

Night sweats, waking up with theories buzzing round your overworked brain – if he didn’t do it, who did? What’s with Teresa’s brother and the ex-boyfriend? Why did the jury ignore the fact that Lenk lied on the stand?

This clip may fill a tiny part of that hole. Just when you thought all avenues had been explored, along comes this…

Vulture have ingeniously remixed footage of the greatest cartoon show of all time with what is surely to be one of the most popular documentaries ever – welcome to The Simpsons does Making A Murderer.

Homer Simpson has replaced Steven Avery, and has been locked up for years for the attempted murder of Mr Burns.


Years later he is exonerated of the crime following the discovery of new DNA evidence, only to then be accused of the murder of an elderly lady. Enough said.

Let the conspiracy theories run riot…