The Simpsons Mocks The 2016 Presidential Election In Best Way Possible


The Simpsons are certainly no stranger to a parody or two, especially when it comes to mocking current affairs in the U.S.

This time, the 2016 election was in their cross hairs and it’s fair to say their job was made a hell of a lot easier by the plethora of ridiculous candidates – both Democrat and Republican.

The Simpsons/Fox

Complete with a breakdancing Donald Trump, a hockey fight with a maple leaf-wearing Ted Cruz and the robot that is Marco Rubio, it may sound like the latest GOP debate, but this two-minute short shows Marge haunted by all the nominees’ soundbites.

Homer tries his very best to comfort her and asks her to imagine a world in which all the candidates get along. But just like the real-life campaign it all gets a bit nasty.

The Simpsons/Fox

It’s not too long before Hillary Clinton takes her pearls and wraps them around Bernie Sanders’ neck and, by the time Jeb Bush kicks Trump square in the balls, the whole thing has descended into chaos.

Adding the Quentin Tarantino reference to call this clip ‘The Debateful Eight’, pretty much sums up the whole campaign in a nutshell.

The Simpsons/Fox

Nailed it.