The Simpsons Movie Sequel In ‘Early Stages’ Of Development

Twentieth Century Fox

It’s been just over ten years since America’s favourite family, The Simpsons, hit the big screen and it seems like they could be preparing to take Hollywood by storm once again.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, director David Silverman, the man credited with creating most of the “rules” for drawing The Simpsons, updated fans on the possibility of a second Simpsons movie.

The good news is he wants to do it, the bad news is it’ll probably be a few years before we see Springfield on the big screen again.

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David explained: 

I’d love for there to be another one. We’re still a ways away from it. We talk about this and that. We’re thinking it over, but nothing’s happening just yet.…. It’s still daunting because it really knocked the stuffing out of us to do the movie and the show at the same time.

Complicated long running productions are nothing new to The Simpson creators though, according to Al Jean it took them a long time to plot out the first film and this film is an equally difficult project.

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He teased:

I’d say [it’s in] the very earliest stages. I certainly am cautious about a couple things. I wouldn’t want it to be risky in terms of budget, and I would not want it to be anything that we did purely for the money. I would want it to be a really great movie. I personally feel no need for another one unless it’s great.

It’s nice to hear the creators want the film to be the best it can be but it seems like they’re struggling to generate a concept strong enough, especially with the show still running and taking up so much of the writing team’s time.

With fans complaining the most recent seasons of The Simpson’s have been weaker than the early stuff, maybe it’s best that America’s most dysfunctional family are taking their time with the second film.