The Simpsons Predicted Exact Outcome Of Winter Olympics

by : UNILAD on : 24 Feb 2018 17:28
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Here we find ourselves again, reporting about how The Simpsons predicted events years before they happened in real life.


The writers have previously predicted Donald Trump becoming US president, the horse meat scandal, and the spreading of Ebola.

And now they’ve gone and done it again.

This latest scenario isn’t quite as awful as the aforementioned, in fact, it’s quite cool.


Today (February 24), the USA curling team beat favourites Sweden to win their first ever Winter Olympic gold medal in the event.

They predicted this eight years ago.

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Team USA were actually on the brink of elimination less than a week ago but today, they finished with a five-point end in the eighth.

US curler John Shuster, who played the winning shot, said:

During the entire end you could kind of feel it building, [Sweden’s] margin for error got incredibly small.


In the episode, titled ‘Boy Meets Curl’, Homer and Marge form a mixed curling team with Agnes and Seymour Skinner.


They’re then picked to compete at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

The team train at an ice rink with other characters in the show, with the Swedish team depicted as tall, chiselled, blonde, and athletic.

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The script, which was written by Rob LaZebnik, considered having the plot revolve around Homer competing in four-man bobsled, but changed his mind and made it about curling instead.

The Simpsons team were reported to have visited a curling club in order to make the episode of the long-running cartoon as accurate as possible.

The episode was directed by Chuck Sheetz and the veteran US sportscaster Bob Costas guest-starred in it as well.


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