The Taxi Ride In Fresh Prince Would Have Cost An Absolute Fortune Apparently


Anyone born around the early nineties knows that Will Smith hopped in a cab and said ‘Yo home to Bel Air’  before heading home to Uncle Phil’s but how much would a cab ride from Philly to Bel-Air cost? 

Ignoring the fact that Will flew to California and didn’t drive – listen to the full theme song if you don’t believe us-  a bloke called Glenn Moore has calculated exactly just how much it would have cost to drive across the country.

Using the handy-dandy app ‘Taxi Fare Finder Glenn calculated that it would have cost an eye watering $7,290.06 exactly so around the same as a five minute Uber during surge charge hours.

Of course when Will was chased out of Philly it was 1990 so factoring in inflation it would have cost him around $3,886.59.

The Mirrohave even worked out how much it would have cost Will to get an Uber to Bel Air, you know if it existed back in the dark times before smartphones.


According to them a standard Uber X would have cost around t $3,203-4,271 but a classier Uber Black would be about $11,000.

Thank Christ uncle Phil was loaded!