The Teletubbies Have Had Children And People Are Very Confused

Teletubbies/Pinewood Studios

With their infantile personas and niche diet of tubby toast and custard, the Teletubbies are perhaps not instantly synonymous with ‘responsible parenting’.

But crack open the champagne because its time to wet the Tiddlytubbies’ antennaes!

Yes, the Tiddlytubbies. Adorable sleepy eyed pint-sized Teletubbies who apparently are now under the loving and capable care of Tinky Winky, Dipsy , LaLa and Po.

Teletubbies/Pinewood Studios

The babies are called Mi-Mi, Daa Daa, Baa, Ping, RuRu, Nin, Duggle Dee and Umby Pumby.

It isn’t clear whether they were birthed (hatched?) all at once, or whether they are a result of various stolen moments of passion on the hills, once the authoritarian voice trumpets are turned the other way…

I foolishly presumed that the Teletubbies were babies anyway so this revelation has left me absolutely stunned… Apparently they are fully developed, mature beings who want to pass on their legacy.

The sudden appearance of these fuzzy little rascals has raised a lot of questions. Namely, there has clearly been some hanky panky going on in the Home Dome…

But between who? And how?!

You can check out the Teletubbies putting their Tiddlytubbies to bed like absolute parenting pros in the following clip:

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The Tiddlytubbies seem to have all they need to thrive under the eye of the all-seeing, all-laughing baby sun.

They have a musical, futuristic bed that spins round and an assortment of toys, including a mini-toy noo-noo to ride. They even appear to have a sensible safety gate to their nursery which should stop them getting into too much mischief.

Most importantly, they have four colourful, excitable parents who are very in touch with their childlike selves. We are sure that these little guys are going to turn out just fine…