The Truth Behind Truck Spotted In Game Of Thrones


Warning: This Post Is Dark And Full Of Spoilers.

Game of Thrones/HBO

A jarring image has been circulating the internet and driving pedantic Game of Thrones fans insane.

The still is taken from the tense, terrifying battle against the Wights in ‘Beyond the Wall’, and in the background is what appears to be a white pickup truck.

Of course, it was an observant Redditor who brought this to the world’s attention, but they have since deleted their account.

Now as we know, the good people of Westeros don’t tend to travel by truck. They prefer horses, dragons, and long moody hikes through the snow.

Naturally this picture caused an outpouring of confusion. Has Bran been able to warg into a truck from the future and park it slam dunk in wight territory? Or, more likely, has the special effects team forgotten to erase the truck from the otherwise mesmerizing landscape?

Actually, it’s neither of these things. This image never actually made it into the nail biting episode and is instead taken from behind the scenes footage where you can see the work which went into creating the atmospheric episode.

The misunderstood footage shows the moment when one of Jon’s plucky companions falls to his death at the hands of the dead.

Check out a glimpse into life behind the Game of Thrones cameras below:

The out of place vehicle was used to transport building equipment across Ireland, so an enormous frozen lake could be created from a concrete set.

This is quite disappointing for those of us who assumed they were using giants and mammoths…

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Ah well, this has at least distracted us from the Game of Thrones drought which awaits after the final episode of the season airs…