The Two ‘Lesbians’ From American Pie 2 Went On To Have Very Different Careers

by : Tim Horner on : 10 Feb 2018 20:20
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Ah the old days, back before there was a global war on terror, before all the money disappeared, back when you had scenes of trans ‘lesbian’ voyeurism in comedy films, the summer of 2001 was a Very Different Place.


American Pie 2 was one of those films which came out in the period where you couldn’t move for lolz and seminal fluid was probably involved somewhere. You know, when sexual predatory may have been regarded as funny by some.

I’m pretty sure the entire plot of the film has been repressed to the back of my mind along with lots of other things which took place like having to go to school and learning things.

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Aside from the bit at the end where Stiffler’s mom shows up and the lad who slept with her in the first film does so again, there’s a scene I vaguely remember which had two ‘lesbians’ making out. Inverted commmas because apparently they were trans or something?


A lot of people watching it got really horny and then everyone found out they were watching via a walkie-talkie.

Anyways, it turns out the actresses who played the two ‘ladies’ have gone on to do very different things in their lives, 16-odd years on since the film’s release. Crazy, eh?

Turns out Lisa Artuo and Denise Faye (left and right in the top pic) have gone on to do some pretty cool stuff, reports Loaded.

Lisa has been working in the entertainment biz with roles in CSINip/Tuck, the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 and Bones – the one with the chap who used to be Angel from Buffy and Angel.

Yet away from the screen is where the magic really happens because Lisa works as an animal welfare advocate for animal rescue organisation Hope For Paws, helping to care for and rehouse pets.

Denise, on the other hand, is still working in show business, working as a dance director and choreographer on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Nine – she also choreographed the 2010 X Factor final.


You might have also seen her handy work in Meet The Millers in the scene where Jennifer Aniston does a sexy strip tease – Denise’s choreography again.

Might have to have an American Pie marathon, just to make sure I’ve not been jaded by today’s standards.

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