The Walking Dead Fans Spotted Tribute To Glenn In Mid-Season Finale


The Walking Dead mid-season finale paid tribute to fan favourite, Glenn, who met his untimely fate at the end of Negan’s bat earlier this year.

Glenn, who had his head turned into a fine raspberry jam in the season premier, may be gone but his his trademark baseball cap made an appearance in the finale, being worn by his wife Maggie.

Eagle eyed fans spotted Maggie wearing the hat, which Glenn kept for the first two seasons of the show, when she appeared on the Hilltop Sanctuary walls during the epic episode.

After a relatively bloodless series so far the mid-season finale upped the ante, delivering the bloody carnage we’ve all craved since seeing Glenn’s unfortunate meeting with Lucille.

Spencer got gutted, Aaron got a nasty beating while Olivia and Rosita were both on the receiving end of a horrible face attack. Thankfully it wasn’t all horror and gore, and the episode ended with our heroes reuniting in the Hilltop Sanctuary.

For Maggie it’s been a rough season, what with her husband having his head cracked open like an over ripe melon, but it seems she’s in a far stronger place than she was when she first went to the hilltop – so Negan had best watch out.


Unfortunately while Maggie may be getting stronger the same can’t be said for the show itself. Like the show’s walkers, viewers have been dropping like flies in the U.S and it’s reported it’s lowest viewing figures ever.

Let’s hope the show can renaimate it’s audience before it comes back later this year…

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

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