The Walking Dead Main Characters To Be Killed In Red Wedding Style Massacre

The Walking Dead promise Red Wedding twist.Fox Networks Group/Warner Bros.

The Red Wedding was perhaps the most shocking TV episode of all time, changing the way we view twists and turns in prestige television.

This legendary Game of Thrones episode brought us gore mixed with genuine emotional turmoil, with the losses of Robb and Caitlyn Stark casting a pitch black shadow over the following seasons.

So much so that ‘The Red Wedding’ has since become shorthand for a particularly explosive scene in a show which takes precious characters away from you.

Now The Walking Dead appear to have promised a level of carnage on parallel with seeing Robb’s head stitched to the body of his beloved direwolf. No easy feat…

Taking to Twitter, The Walking Dead social media team posted a meme of the grizzled Walder Frey, along with the following faux-innocent caption:

Just going to leave this here.

Of course – as any self-respecting Game of Thrones fan will know – Frey was the instigator behind The Red Wedding, slaughtering the Starks at his own daughter’s wedding party.

It is clear The Walking Dead is hinting heavily at a comparable massacre, with important characters meeting a decidedly sticky ending, even for a show set in a post-apocalyptic universe.

Of course, The Walking Dead has featured some of the most horrific and talked-about deaths in TV history.

Who could forget Carol shooting little Lizzie in the head after urging her to ‘look at the flowers’? Or Andrea strapped helplessly to a chair as Walker Milton reanimated as a Walker?

I genuinely shed a tear after Glenn was dispatched so sadistically by Negan, feeling shocked both by the gruesome nature of his death and the overwhelming sorrow of his final words to wife Maggie, ‘I’ll find you’.

The tweet is thought to reference The Walking Dead episode 915, entitled The Calm Before. So what can be expect after this ominous warning of bloodshed?

Some fans were a little miffed that they were being prepared for the terror to come, preferring to have kept the impending chaos a surprise.

One person said:

Stop with the spoilers! This show keeps spoiling itself and it sucks. The red wedding on GOT was shocking because we didn’t know it was coming. Just let it happen. Let us go back to being surprised.

Another commented:

Well, if you ruin the surprise before the episode, then the moment loses it’s impact and meaning.

The Walking Dead will next air the penultimate episode of season nine Sunday, March 24 on AMC.

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