The WhatsApp Messages That Could Be The End Of Big Brother

big brotherInstagram / Channel 5

The future of Celebrity Big Brother has been pile-drived into question after a housemate made a huge claim suggesting the whole thing is a scripted and pre-structured televised fuckfest. 

Professional nobody Chloe Khan got the boot from the show yesterday evening, however it wasn’t her eviction that got people talking, it was the revelation that Mob Wife (AKA reality star who makes out she’s dealing with Al Capone’s legal issues), Renee, had been in touch with Chloe before the show started, reports the Daily Star.

During the post-eviction interview, Emma Willis, who pathetically tried to turn CBB into reality TV with Jeremy Paxman, asked Chloe what happened between Renee and Bear but Chloe insisted that the fame hungry yank, who’s desperately clinging onto her families mafia history, had asked Bear to make ‘a thing’ for the sake of the TV show.

chloe3Channel 5

Emma quickly jumped on the defence and told told her that viewers hadn’t heard her say that but the former X-Factor contestant replied:

What she’d said to Bear about making it a thing for the show. She said it to me before, on Whatsapp.

Within seconds, Twitter had exploded with fans condemning the show:

It was also unveiled that both Chloe and Renee work under the same agency, Intrigue Agency – coincidence?:

Who would’ve guessed that a house full of fake as fuck celebrities would make for a fake as fuck TV show, but is this the end for Big Brother? I don’t think so. Big Brother died a death a long time ago yet we’re still tuning into it night after night.

It’s a sad sad world.