The Winner Of X Factor Has Already Been Decided Apparently

ITV / The X Factor

French singer Kevin Davy White left X Factor judges and viewers alike completely gobsmacked with his voice.

The 29-year-old Parisian sang a rendition of James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World and set a much higher bar for other auditionees to meet.

Even those who don’t keep up with the X Factor it’s hard not to get chills from Kevin’s soulful voice:

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Not only is Kevin extremely talented, he also has a sweet and humble personality – even managing to charm the infamously grouchy Simon Cowell.

Speaking before his audition, Kevin spoke about his recent move to London to be with his girlfriend, as well as his previous ill-fitting career as an electrician:

I was an electrician, but it’s not who I am. My life was boring and that’s why I became a musician.

I did The Voice France last year, but X Factor is a really big stage, and I want people to hear my music.

Now I’m going to take my moment and I hope the judges will love what I’m doing.

X Factor/ITV

Viewers have already fallen in love with Kevin and his powerful vocals, with some suggesting he’s ‘too good for X Factor‘.

Many fans believe other contestants have absolutely no chance, with Kevin fast becoming the firm favourite to win:

Of course it’s still early days, but with Kevin in the mix, this year’s competition is going to be a lot fiercer.