The World’s Superheroes Are Not Happy With The Election Result


Superheroes’ main job is to save the world from global threats, so it’s no surprise that many of them are worried about the result of the U.S. Election.

In a brilliantly funny clip from DrMachakil on YouTube, we see the devastated faces of many of our favourite good guys as Donald Trump becomes President-Elect of the USA.


Things get even more dire when Trump begins his acceptance speech, and it becomes clear The Avengers must jump into action.

Ben Affleck’s Batman can also be seen shaking with rage.

It seems the only thing that would save Trump is having a mother called Martha.

111116-batmanWarner Bros.

Ever the patriot, Steve Rogers concludes proceedings with a declaration of ‘That’s enough’.

At least we have these guys to protect us in these dark days.