There Has Been Some Devastating News About Cillit Bang Legend Barry Scott

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.27.43Cillit Bang/YouTube

Bang! And Barry Scott is gone.

That’s right, TV adverts may never be the same again as Cillit Bang legend and the most enthusiastic man, ever, Barry Scott is bidding farewell to the cleaning brand.

NINTCHDBPICT000251429255Cillit Bang/YouTube

The shouty cleaner has been shockingly replaced by younger model Daniel Cloud Campos, because cleaning grime off your bathroom tiles now needs some sex appeal, apparently?

Campos stars in a new flashy advert – inspired by cult hit movie Flashdance.

To mark his cruel replacement, Cillit Bang have created a farewell tribute video, which features a mash-up of every advert Scott’s appeared in.

Oh, and it’s been edited in the best way possible to come out with some classic one-liners, including: “Hi I’m annoying” and: “Hi I’m hard work.” We were all thinking it Barry, we were all thinking it.

Personally, we are all worried for Bazza’s future, but fear not as the cleaning company haven’t entirely ruled out a future return in this cryptic statement.

Elise Cockley, Category Manager, said:

While we have parted ways with Barry Scott for the time being, we are really excited to introduce everyone to our new hero and campaign, which aims to make cleaning almost exciting.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.54.40

Cleaning will never be exciting, especially without this guy at the helm. RIP Barry, gone but not forgotten.