There Was A Huge Error In The Battle Against Wights On Game Of Thrones


Warning: This article is dark and full of spoilers

Game of Thrones/HBO

Jon Snow and Co’s fight against the wights was one of the most visually spectacular moments of the entire series. However, one little CGI mishap is making fans chuckle…

Scenes where our motley crew of heroes are fighting against animated, decomposing corpses against naturally require a heck of a lot of CGI.

To be fair on the Game of Thrones special effects team, this sequence is almost perfectly seamless. Almost.

However, look again and you see a fearless wilding at the back of the following scene, apparently fighting against thin air. Just look at how ferociously he is going for his invisible opponent.


The error was spotted by Redditor Valyrionn, who immediately took to the site to ask the obvious question:

What the fuck is the wildling at the back hitting?

Fellow Redditors responded hilariously, with some users suggesting the wildling could have just been taking a self-help class from the Machiavellian Littlefinger, putting his wisdom into practice far too literally.

Look, there were a lot of undead warriors milling around and the ones which were visible looked fantastically menacing so all is forgiven.

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As with every episode taking place beyond the wall, the CGI team were able to completely immerse us in this otherworldly, icy wilderness.

Check out how they achieved the chillingly beautiful effects below:

It’s still pretty funny/sad though how the poor Wilding was left without a zombie to dual with. He is going need all the practice he can get for if and when the wights finally break through the wall…