There Was A Secret Celebrity Cameo In Black Panther That Nobody Noticed

by : Julia Banim on : 22 May 2018 21:47
Secret celeb cameo in Black PantherSecret celeb cameo in Black PantherJulia Banim

Marvel movies often have a cheeky cameo or two, sending fans into a tweet-worthy tizzy of excitement.


But how could we have missed a cameo from The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, during what was one of the most tense moments in Black Panther?

The 34-year-old presenter had a drop-your-popcorn-and-you’ll-miss-it role during the superhero movie’s climactic battle scene, giving a human voice to the AI system invented by Shuri and piloted by Everett K. Ross.

The Daily Show's Trevor NoahThe Daily Show's Trevor NoahPA

His ‘character’ was credited with the name Griot, however the usually eagle-eyed Marvel fans are only just noticing Trevor’s presence in Wakanda, and are genuinely surprised.


Although he had a fairly modest part to play, Griot was still crucially important when helping to save Wakanda from Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens.

You can kick yourself while re-watching the following clip:

Trevor’s role has finally come to greater attention after it was noted on Marvel‘s subreddit, and movie buffs everywhere are tweeting about their collective shock.

One bewildered person gasped:

Totally shook after finding out Trevor Noah was the voice of the ship that CIA Agent Everett Ross was piloting towards the end of Black Panther.

Another exclaimed:

I just realised Trevor Noah has a cameo in black panther I’m screaming. [sic]


Shortly after the film’s release, Trevor – who was born in South Africa – made the following comments during a between-the-scenes segment on The Daily Show:

It was extra special for me because the people speak Xhosa in the movie,

There were subtitles, and I was like, I don’t need your subtitles! I don’t need your subtitles! This is just for me right now! Nobody else listen! This reminds me of my mom.

Relive the film in the video below:

He’s also just as much of a fan of the film as the rest of us, giving the following glowing praise:


It’s an amazing Marvel film. It’s one of those things where I guess some people got too hyped up the wrong way about it and they’re like, ‘So is it a black film?’ It’s like, no, it’s a film.

It’s the same way Wonder Woman was a dope movie and if you were a woman, it was extra special, you get what I’m saying?

Black people are just like, ‘Yeah, it’s a dope movie, and if you’re black, this is an amazing movie,’ that’s all it is.

Then you get some people, you get some random people be like, ‘Oh, can you imagine if white people made their own movie?’ You mean, movies? Is that what you mean, movies? Is that what you’re saying?

It’s like, no, man, it’s just a fun movie, everyone can go, you have a good time. Black people enjoying themselves, it was dope.

This interesting new revelation is the perfect excuse to go back and rewatch Black Panther all over again.

It could be the perfect opportunity to see what other details we’ve been missing!

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