There Was An Amazing ‘Walking Dead’ Crossover On ‘Supernatural’

The CW

There was a nice little Walking Dead Easter Egg in last Thursday’s episode of Supernatural.

Jeffery Dean Morgan who plays both Negan in The Walking Dead and John Winchester, the father of Sam and Dean, in Supernatural decided to leave his mark in the latter show’s latest episode.

In a blatant nod to Morgan’s other (more infamous role) a certain baseball bat wrapped in barbwire made an appearance.

That’s a pretty awesome cameo, but also quite scary. The sheer sight of Lucile is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, usually because this ends up happening…

Despite ratings dropping for the popular zombie TV series it’s already become one of the longest running shows on US network, AMC. Similarly The CW’s Supernatural has been running for much longer and is now in it’s twelfth season.

The crossover had actually been teased last October when Supernatural star Jensen Ackles took a picture with the infamous death utensil.

Fondling another man’s woman is a bad move and Morgan responded in kindness saying:

Considering the hectic schedule that goes into filming The Walking Dead don’t expect to see him reprise his role as Sam and Dean’s old man anytime soon. However Supernatural executive producer, Andrew Dabb remains hopeful.

He praised Morgan’s acting ability saying:

He plays such a great bad guy. But at the same time, if you give him really good material, he can go back to being someone we know and love and someone we can empathize with. I have full faith in him as an actor, and I’m excited to see [him return] if it ever comes to pass

The Walking Dead is currently in its seventh season, with the showrunners indicating that they could stretch the show all the way to ten seasons.