There’s Actually Still One Episode Of Love Island Left

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Fear not, Love Island lovers, the show’s not over yet! There’s still one more episode to go. 

As life in the villa drew to a close, it’s no doubt that Love Island fans started to get a bit worried about how they were going to spend their evenings.

After eight long weeks spent invested in the lives of people who we’ve come to know and either love or hate, the thought of suddenly having evenings free again is a daunting one. There’ll be so much free time.

But just because it’s the final tonight doesn’t mean you have to panic – there’s actually still one more episode of Love Island left.

I’m actually quite glad about this fact, because ending the series on episode 49 would have been very unsatisfying.

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The show has certainly had its ups and downs. We’ve seen Dr Alex accidentally brutally hurt his fake baby, there’s been love and heartbreak, and we’ve heard the word ‘loyal’ so many times that once more might make our ears bleed.

After all of the drama, the couples were whittled down to Laura and Paul, Megan and Wes, Jack and Dani, and Josh and Kaz – but seeing the final four couples all dressed up in their best clothes and facing the announcement of Jack and Dani’s 2018 Love Island success isn’t as final as it sounded.

According to the Mirror, later this week we’ll be treated to a wrap party – one last chance for drama to escalate, moves to be made, and kisses to be misinterpreted.

The special episode will of course be hosted by Caroline Flack, and will air on Sunday, August 5 on ITV2. Just think of it as a final farewell to the 2D friends you consider yourself having made these last few weeks.

Or – if you’re really invested – you can even apply to attend the event yourself, and make those 2D friends into 3D people that you’ll probably see from afar but won’t get close enough to talk to.

You can get the tickets via Applause Store – and the best part is, they’re free! Love Island fandom knows no boundaries.

Jack and Dani - Love IslandITV 2

Applause Store claim the event will reveal even more drama and gossip, giving fans that one last kick before it’s gone for another year.

The website says the event ‘promises to be packed to the rafters with even more gossip direct from the Islanders themselves’, and boasts ‘exclusive interviews and a celebrity panel desperate to have their say on all things Love Island’.

The wrap party will bring the Islanders together in new territory – Elstree Film and TV Studios in Hertfordshire – so if you’re just in it for the swimwear-clad beach bodies, this might not be the episode for you.

But, if you’re a wannabe member of the villa and are desperate to find out if everyone will act the same outside the villa as they did inside, this will certainly be the show for you.

Catch it on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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