There’s Now An ‘Immersive’ Black Mirror Experience To Make Your Nightmares A Reality


Most of us could look around and say that we live inside an immersive Black Mirror experience everyday, but just in case you wanted a more blatant encounter, there is an exhibition in London.

I suppose the luxury of the exhibition at the Barbican this summer is that it is virtual. You can escape how fucked up real life is, to Charlie Brooker’s fictional fuck up instead.

Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction is an amalgamation of artists, filmmakers, SFX specialists, musicians and writers, pushing the boundaries of reality, curated in the style of a ‘festival’.

The Barbican’s Silk Street entrance hall will be transformed into an ‘immersive’ Black Mirror experience with a video installation based on the 15 Million Merits episode starring Daniel Kaluuya from Get Out and Jessica Brown Findlay.

The episode was written by Charlie Brooker with his wife Konnie Huq as they imagined a dystopian future where people earned merits in order to qualify for an audition for reality TV.

After the immersive installation, the rest of the exhibition will take you on a journey through props and models from blockbuster films including Star Wars, Star Trek, Interstellar, District 9, Alien, Jurassic Park and Godzilla and new work by the Oscar award-winning VFX specialists behind Ex Machina and The Martian.

There will also be a selection of short films, musical performances, and a series of talks.

The exhibition will be running from June 3 until September 1 this year. You can book tickets here.