Conspiracy Theorists Think There’s ‘Proof’ Stevie Wonder Isn’t Actually Blind

by : UNILAD on : 01 Nov 2016 10:24

Conspiracy theorists just know no bounds.

They’re now questioning the musical legend Stevie Wonder on his established blindness that has made him such a sensation.


These apparent ‘truth tellers’ claim to have evidence that Stevie Wonder is pretending to be blind (no explanation for why he might want to do that though), the Metro reports.

This conversation is something else…


…Because there are specific things that blind people do are there?!

The ‘evidence’ cited in the conspiracy blogs for Stevie Wonder includes the fact that he enjoys getting court-side seats at basketball games – because, of course, blind people couldn’t possibly enjoy sport.


In 2014, Wonder was awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom which is the nation’s highest civilian honour…how can anyone accuse him of being a fraud?


Another piece of ‘evidence’ is when he caught a falling microphone on Live TV with Paul McCartney.

American sports writer Bomani Jones claimed that Stevie Wonder ordered three plasma screen televisions.

I’m not sure how this proves anything since there are channels designed specifically for blind people with voice narration.


The last dubious clue is a quote from Boy George saying ‘How could he know where I was if he’s completely blind?’, referring to a very shaky fact that Stevie Wonder allegedly strangled him.

It’s almost offensive that these theorists seem to think that because he’s blind, he shouldn’t be able to do normal things like everyone else.

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