These Old Photos Of Clarkson, Hammond And May Are Hilarious


It’s fair to say we all have photos that we hope never see the light of day, well, all of us except for Jeremy Clarkson apparently. 

Clarkson has uploaded a picture of himself, James May and Richard Hammond in their younger days to Twitter, reports Mashable.

It really is the type of photo that’s normally reserved for the first time your mum meets a new girlfriend and is trying to embarrass you.

Clarkson captioned the image: “Two of us come out of this badly. But the other.. Holy Shit.”

Hammond responded: “What was Jeremy thinking? What was I thinking? What was James’ Mum thinking?”

I think we have to assume Hammond was in the process of auditioning for the 80s version of Twilight, May was on his first day of work experience as a notebook salesman and Clarkson, just wow.

It looks like this is Clarkson and Hammond mocking May here but, to be frank, neither of them can talk.

Although, and I never ever imagined this is something I would say, all three of them have miraculously managed to improve with age…