These ‘Secret’ Netflix Codes Will Unlock Entire Library Of New Titles For You


We’ve all been here.

You’re scrolling mindlessly down Netflix and trying to find something which fits two simple criteria, number one: It’s something you’ve never watched before and number two: It’s actually any good.

But alas, the struggle is too much and you give up and end up settling on re-watching Rick and Morty for the umpteenth time.

And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, wouldn’t it just be nice to find something you haven’t actually watched, just for once?

Well it turns out you can, as a list of ‘secret’ codes have been released which gives you the ability to unlock dozens of films. Happy days.

UPROXX reports that these category codes were added by Netflix engineers a lil’ while ago, but it’s more than likely you missed it.


To dig a little deeper into Netflix’s back catalogue, all you need to do is simply go on to the streaming website and play around with the end number on the URL.

By doing this you can discover some hidden gems from Dark Comedies (869) to Sci-Fi Horror Movies (1694) and even Critically-Acclaimed Gritty Independent Crime Dramas (3352).

Essentially there will (probably) be something for everyone.


You can check out all the codes here, but the one thing we can’t guarantee is that you still won’t fall out with your S.O. or family over your now super-specific indecision.