These Shocking Squid Game Theories Will Change The Way You Think About The Show

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Sep 2021 12:54

Warning: Contains Spoilers

These Shocking Squid Game Theories Will Change The Way You Think About The ShowNetflix

With Squid Game quickly having jumped to the top of Netflix’s ‘most watched’ list, fans of the show have started to share some mind-blowing theories about the gory thriller. 


The fictional reality TV show only hit the streaming service on September 17, but its terrifying take on classic childhood and playground games quickly captivated viewers and resulted in quick binging sessions of the nine-episode series.

The premise of Squid Game is simple enough, with contestants lured in to play seemingly simple games in exchange for life-changing amounts of money and the chance to escape debt. Losing a game doesn’t just mean losing a place on the show, however, and instead results in death.

Squid game (Netflix)Netflix

Even on the surface, there’s no denying the show is intriguing, but eagle-eyed fans have delved deeper into each episode to spot connections and come up with theories that may just change the way you think about the characters.


One of the theories pitched involves the character of Seong Gi-hun, who, prior to getting involved in the reality TV show, plays a game in a subway with the character known only as The Salesman. When asked to choose between the red or the blue tile, Seong chooses blue – and later goes on to become a player in the game.

Social media users have noted that the two tiles offered to Seong match the colours of the tracksuits on Squid Game; red for a worker, blue for a player. With that in mind, would Seong have found himself on the other side of the game if he’d chosen the red tile, instead?

The theories don’t stop there, with another viewer pointing out a possible familial link between two Seong Gi-hun and Oh Il-nam, the elderly man who’s player No. 001.


Fans point out the elderly man tells Seong his son was ‘just like him’ and that both he and Seong used to live in a neighbourhood similar to one they encounter in the game, before questioning whether Oh let Seong win because he was his son, pointing to a comment from the elderly man as he explains: ‘It was fun playing with you.’

Building on this theory, TikToker @ruthbellpan suggests Oh is actually the ‘mastermind’ of the game, and that he created it in order to track down his son and have him continue the tradition.

Hear more about the TikToker’s theory below:


Another theory shared online suggests the untimely deaths of players Cha Sang-Woo, Kang Sae-byeok, Ali and Jang Deok-Su are foreshadowed in their actions earlier in the series, suggesting they may have unknowingly played a part in the ways they would get killed.

Prior to entering the reality show, Cha nearly takes his own life in a bath tub. Later on in the series, he goes through with taking his life, though this time in the game.

Kang almost cuts her neck before being killed by a knife to the neck during the competition, while Ali dies because he gets his marbles stolen, having previously stolen his own boss’ money. Jang, meanwhile, was seen jumping from a bridge to save himself from armed men, before losing his life in the game by falling off a glass bridge.


After reading the theory about the deaths, Twitter user Tara described her mind as being ‘blown’.

With many Netflix users still making their way through the series, I’m sure there’ll be a lot more speculation still to come.

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