This Alternative Walking Dead Season 7 Premier Episode Kills Off Someone Unexpected


WARNING: Contains spoilers


Calling all fans of The Walking Dead: A previously unseen alternative opening episode to season seven has been leaked on YouTube.

Unlike the real episode of The Walking Dead, which premiered in September, this alternative AMC Studio cut sees Negan kill Maggie.

The brutal attack on Maggie is an alternative to the real released episode, in which Negan killed Abraham and Glenn. Either way – as we discovered at ComicCon – Negan is definitely killing someone.

The alternative scene isn’t a fan fiction edit – like the Friends The One Where Chandler Dies – or an offshoot project. It comes straight from the lens of AMC Studios.

In fact, each member of the show’s cast had to film a death scene to throw the spoil sports off the trail and stench of death that plagues The Walking Dead, in case the premier was leaked before it aired.


Perhaps the cast of Game of Thrones should take notes from these zombies, after the entirety of season seven got leaked on Reddit a few days ago.

Although spoilers are a total pain in the neck, at least they mean we get even more footage to watch from our favourite shows.

Just try not to get lost in all of these parallel realities.