This Dagger Could Change Everything On Game Of Thrones

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Warning: Spoilers for all seasons of Game of Thrones ahead!

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We’re at that point in Game of Thrones now where everything is coming full circle, and everything that is being shown on the screen is there for the purpose of wrapping up the multiple plot lines.

In the most recent episodes, as well as in promotional material, we’re seeing an awful lot of one particular dagger that we haven’t seen since season one.


This little dagger is called ‘Catspaw’, and if this theory is correct, it’s pretty damn important.

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Those hardcore fans among you will remember that this dagger was used in an attempt to assassinate Bran back in season one.

This assassination attempt was thwarted by Bran’s direwolf, and the dagger fell into the hands of the Starks.


It became clear when Catelyn started banging heads together that the dagger once belonged to Littlefinger, as well as Tyrion, at one point or another.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

The dagger kind of just faded into obscurity after that, and we all assumed that was the end of that.

Until the promotional material for season 7 started doing the rounds, and we saw it popping up more and more.


While reading a passage on Valyrian steel in Oldtown, Sam lingers forebodingly on a page with a drawing of the dagger.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO Nordic

Perhaps most significantly, Arya can be seen on the front page of Entertainment Weekly with her hand on the hilt of the dagger.

There’s also a pretty awesome poster for Game of Thrones from HBO Nordic that puts the dagger at the centre of the action, suggesting it could be pretty important.


So we can safely assume that Arya has the knife, or can we?

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones

In the preview for the next episode we do actually see the dagger making an appearance, and it doesn’t look like it’s in Arya’s hands.

The hands holding the dagger, and menacingly pulling it out, have actually been identified as Littlefinger himself.


This doesn’t bode well for one unlucky sod, who may meet a sticky end as a result of Littlefinger’s schemes.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

I’d venture a guess that Littlefinger won’t be dying too soon, as we’ve not really seen his plans come to fruition yet.

My guess is that we’ll see more of what he’s planning, only for him to fail at the last minute and die spectacularly.

But of course, this is Game of Thrones, and it could go either way.


There are theories circulating that Littlefinger is due to slip up any time soon, now he knows that there is incriminating evidence in the stash of letters in Winterfell that we learnt about in the last episode.

Those letters, sent by Lysa Arryn, Catelyn Stark’s sister, actually dob Littlefinger right in the shit.

They say that the Lannisters killed Lysa’s husband, Jon.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

Upon receiving this letter, the Starks set in motion a chain of events which leads to The War of The Five Kings.

Basically, we wouldn’t be here without this letter.

So, one Redditor, JoeMagician, reckons (Rickons? Sorry.) that just knowing this information will make Littlefinger do something stupid and reveal the letter to Sansa.

Here’s his full theory:

And the TL:DR version:

TL:DR Littlefinger may try to prevent Sansa from learning that Lysa Arryn sent a letter to her sister Cat about the murder of her husband.

In doing so, Littlefinger is going to call attention to these records being important to him either by being caught trying to get them or having them destroyed.

Which may finally lead to Sansa putting it together exactly who was behind the downfall of her house.

Obviously, Sansa would not be happy that Littlefinger was instrumental in getting her family killed and her House disgraced. So Littlefinger is in a pretty dangerous position right now, he might need that dagger.

And if you needed further proof, notice how Littlefinger has the same rings as the person in the new trailer?

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

But that doesn’t explain why Arya has it in the promotional images, unless the Littlefinger that we see in the trailer is not Littlefinger at all, but Arya herself.

That could throw a whole new spanner/dagger in the works.

Either way, whoever has the Valyrian steel dagger is going to be pretty important as them there White Walkers make their way to Westeros.

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