This Guy Is ‘100% Confident’ He’s In Relationship With Katy Perry

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Catfish is one of the biggest docu-series’ out there at the minute. We all know it and most of us love it, but often we find ourselves mind-boggled at how gullible people can be. 


If you can relate then strap yourself in because we’ve just found, without doubt, the most foolish Catfish participant of all time.

So this is Spencer. He’s a normal guy with a normal name but he’s ‘100 per cent confident’ he’s been in a relationship with Katy Perry for the past six years, reports The Sun.

Ol’ Spencer was so convinced he was in a devoted romance with the brunette that he wasn’t even phased when she married Russell Brand or dated Orlando Bloom or Robert Pattinson


There were no phone calls, Skype calls or visits – just love.

He even felt like she was leaving hidden messages in her songs for him – I wonder which ones they were. Hot n Cold, Unconditionally, Part Of Me?

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Apparently, Spence got in touch with Nev and Max and the two tracked Katy Perry down… to England where they found a British girl called Harriet who admitted she’d been posing as the sex symbol singer for six years.

Six fucking years. That’s even weirder than falling for it.

She claimed that all she had to do was create a fake email and Spencer fell for it and continued to do so for six years.


Nev and Max were able to speak with the gargantuan liar who didn’t seem in the least bit bothered about the web of lies she’d spun, but she did admit it was ‘really wrong’.


Spencer eventually came to terms with the fact he wasn’t speaking to Katy Perry but was speaking a random gal from England.

But when Nev and Max caught up with him a couple of months later he revealed he was still speaking to ‘Katy’.

What a time to be alive, hey? So long as he’s happy, I suppose…

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    Is this the most gullible guy ever? Man is catfished into believing he’s been dating Katy Perry for six years