This Guy Turned His Birthmark Into Hilarious South Park Tattoo

Comedy Central

South Park has brought fans hours of fun, laughter and sharp satire.

But now, the creators of South Park – and their band of merry cartoons – are also providing novel solutions to covering up birthmarks too, apparently.

Take, for example, this man who has given his birthmark a little cosmetic enhancement to make it look like Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo.

Comedy Central

You remember the little festive fella, who made his debut during the first season of South Park on their inaugural Christmas special, which, in turn was the show’s first ever musical episode.

Only nine episodes in, Mr Hanky slipped out onto our screens courtesy of co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, giving viewers their first ever visceral taste of the lengths South Park wold go to in order to satirise political correctness and religious sensitivity.

In turn, these are the lengths one man went to in order to hide his birthmark:

While birthmarks themselves maketh the man unique and beautiful, what the man does with his birthmark can make him hilarious…

Even if he’s got a shitty seasonal tattoo on his leg all year round.