This Instagram Vid Of Kylie Jenner Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity


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Do you all remember Narcissus? The man who died after spending his life staring at his own reflection in Greek mythology, well someone should tell the story to Kylie Jenner.

As reported by the i100, Kylie was caught by Rob Kardashian fixating on her phone in a bid to take another completely original, never seen before pouting trout selfie, and she is completely unresponsive.

Check it out:

If this isn’t evidence of how selfie obsession can ruin your ability to function socially I don’t know what is.

Thank God, Miss Jenner has legal battles with the likes of Kylie Minogue to hopefully pry her phone away from what we can only assume is a vice-like grip, if only for five minutes a day.

Then again, if it weren’t for her constant state of social media preparedness the world would not have been given the invaluable knowledge of Kendall Jenner’s nip piercings.

What a time to be alive.