This Is How Clarkson And May Reacted To Chris Evans Quitting Top Gear


As I’m sure you’re all aware, in the past week Chris Evans was forced to ‘step down’ as one of the co-presenters on Top Gear, now just four days later members of the original Top Gear have made their opinion on his resignation very clear.

As Clarkson, James May, and Hammond drove into the main square of the city of Vincenza, Northern Italy, they were asked for their reaction of Evans’ resignation.

In a heartbeat, James May said that he was ‘chuffed, very chuffed’, while Clarkson uttered a smug, ‘don’t be stupid’, and tried to snatch the camera, reports the Daily Mail.


The insults towards Evans and the new Top Gear flop as a whole were dished out as The Grand Tour – Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s new petrol headed show – began filming in Vincenza and were mobbed by fans.

However, the ‘mob’ was apparently set up by Clarkson -in an attempt to depict The Grand Tour as majestic at a time when Top Gear has fallen to shit – who posted on Twitter saying ‘People of Italy James Richard and I will be filming in the Piazza Dei Signori in Vicenza tomorrow at 3pm. Come along’.

Members of The Grand Tour crew said that the mass mob of people was a ‘two fingers up’ to Evans.


Evans was forced to resign on Monday after the season finale of Top Gear reached an all time low in viewing figures.