This Is How Danny Dyer Reacted To Being Slapped By Mark Wright


It’s the East End versus Essex in a feud so dramatic I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood weren’t optioning it for a full screenplay right now – Danny Dyer versus Mark Wright. 

‘Cockney stereotype’ Dyer and ‘honestly never heard of him in my life’ Wright have been rowing on Twitter after rumours began to circulate that the pair had been fighting at a charity football match.

The not untalented but no less a loud mouth Danny Dyer lashed out at Mark what’s his face on Twitter, mocking the TOWIE star for all the adverts he does, The Daily Star reports.

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Dyer tweeted:

My worst nightmare would be listening to Heart FM while eating an Oykos yoghurt. It would be like pissing razor blades.

Spotting the tweet, Mark’s brother Joshua got involved, tweeting: “Malcolm you must still be hurting from when Mark gave you a slap in the changing room that day. Get over it you melt.”

Never one to take an insult lying down, the on-screen hard man replied: “At a charity football match 4 Terminally ill children then run behind his dad. What a geezer. My bird hits harder.”

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Danny wasn’t done though and quickly landed a deadly blow calling Mark a ‘disgrace’ for fighting in front of sick kids.

Not one to leave his family honour besmirched, Joshua quickly accused Dyer of mouthing off and that the slap was in self defence.

The Eastenders’ star finally finished the pretty pathetic row by drawing upon all his powers of a walking talking cockney caricature and tweeting: “We all know what happened. He took a bang liberty. End of. He ain’t a bit of me. Crack on.”


Mr Dyer really doesn’t like the former TOWIE star Mark and in the past has said he’s ‘all I hate about the celebrity world’.

Mark, however, decided to be the bigger man in all this and refused to rise to the bait, although he probably shouldn’t pop into the Queen Vic anytime soon unless he wants barring…