This Is Jared Leto’s Secret To Looking A Decade Younger

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There’s no denying it, Jared Leto is in phenomenal shape for a 44-year-old.

A week today, Suicide Squad will premiere in UK cinemas, where Leto will debut as infamous DC villain ‘The Joker’ – a role he had to bulk up for.

But what is the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman’s secret to looking so damn good?


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On the topic of looking a decade younger than he actually is, Leto told GQ:

I still have plenty of vices, but alcohol isn’t one of them. It’s probably just down to sleep and diet. If you travel long haul a lot or don’t sleep much, it’s not going to last very long, that’s for sure.

I’m pretty healthy so I think that helps a lot. I’ve been that way for a long time – 20 solid years of eating vegetarian/vegan and taking care of myself. That probably helps the preservation process.

So living close to straight-edge and veganism, the answer nobody really wants to hear. Although Leto does admit even he cheats on his diet.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Leto said:

I’m actually a cheagan, a cheating vegan. I don’t eat meat ever. But if someone’s mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I’d probably take a bite, or if I’m in Alaska and there’s wild salmon out of the river, I’d probably eat it.

That interview took place with Leto leading the interviewer on a hiking trip which also included a good deal of rock climbing – a love of the performer which certainly helps keep his body shredded.

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His diet in particular plays a key role in his youthful looks, and Physician Dr Neal Barnard has offered evidence as to why.

In his book, 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, he argues:

Studies suggest that free radicals [toxic molecules that form in the body] contribute to ageing.

A vegan diet — rich in fruits and vegetables — is full of antioxidants which help protect the body from damage by free radicals.

Being a professional who is capable of hiring dietitians and trainers is always a surefire way to achieve the body of a Greek sculpture – but you can’t deny the power of Leto’s self-discipline.

So strict diet and exercise it is then – hardly a secret, but far easier said than done…


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