This Is The Best Simpsons Episode Ever, According To Controversial Poll

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The Simpsons is just one of those shows that will seemingly never die, despite the fact it’s way past it’s best years (sorry not sorry).

There’s rumblings that a sequel to The Simpsons film is on the way and even Ed Sheeran has signed on to feature in a new episode- signs of desperation? Probably.

So in these dark times it’s worth getting all nostalgic and looking back at the glory years in the early to mid-90’s, when The Simpsons was really in its stride.

Comedy writer Thom Phipps undertook the tricky task of creating The Simpsons World Cup. Essentially it was a round-robin tournament to discover the people’s favourite Simpsons episode of all time.

And after thousands of votes, the winner was *drum roll please*.

Yep, Marge V The Monorail. It managed to beat stiff competition from Last Exit To Springfield – where Homer stages a strike at the Powerplant, while Lemon of Troy and Mr Plow finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

But as you’d expect, the Twittersphere was not impressed… at all.

Oh dear. To be fair they definitely have a point, so many fantastic episodes seemingly missed the cut. But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen unpopular poll results, remember when Mrs Browns Boys won sitcom of the century? Now that was a dark day.

Life lesson: If you want to find out the best ever Simpson’s episode, don’t ask Twitter.