This Is The Geordie Shore Cast Member You Never Knew Existed

by : Francesca Donovan on : 20 Oct 2016 11:39

Since 2011 Geordie Shore has given us banter, booze, big characters and brunette bombshells dancing on tables to shit chart music after having one too many Jagerbombs.

But did you know the original cast of eight got an additional secret member when they jetted off to Magaluf for their first season’s summer special?


Enter Marie, a blonde Scot partial to a bikini, Holly Hagan’s perpetually-ready lips and not much else, apparently.


According to a Daily Star exclusive, courtesy of Jack Wetherill, Marie was booted off the show for being too boring, after appearing in just one episode.

Despite taking part in a wet t-shirt contest and enacting the Karma Sutra on a bar with James, Marie was alittle too vanilla for MTV UK and was edited out of the show, albeit sloppily as she still appears in some scenes.


Apparently it was a little easier to edit Marie out of the other cast members’ minds; although I think this memory loss might have been booze-fuelled.

But she was there alright, according to reality TV show ringleader Vicky Pattinson’s 2014 autobiography, Nothing But The Truth… No word of lie.

Vicky wrote:


What a lot of people don’t know is that a new cast member was brought in in the shape of a Scottish girl called Marie.

Pattinson also dubbed Marie ‘very annoying’, which perhaps explains why she never appeared on the Shore again; not on Vicky’s turf anyway.



A quick Twitter search showed that many fans resented Marie’s presence on the show – until it became clear that these instances were just typos and their hate was directed at the much more entertaining, much more controversial Marnie Simpson.


So really, Marie left no impression whatsoever, on the viewers or the eight other cast members she lived with in Maga; Gaz Beadle, Charlotte-Letitia Crosby, Jay Gardner, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei, Vicky Pattison, and ulitmate wet lettuce James Tindale.


Pour some out for the lost Geordie Shore housemate.

Meanwhile series 13 – yes, it’s been that long – of Geordie Shore starts Tuesday 25 October.

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