This Is The Hidden Cannibalism You Missed In Wall-E

by : Francesca Donovan on : 23 Nov 2016 11:54

Another day, another film theory that will undoubtedly ruin your childhood.


This time the lovable, lonely robot Wall-E comes under fire from The Film Theorists and their unwavering scrutiny.

The theory outlines the underlying darkness in Pixar’s charming dystopian age love story and reveals the pesky humans – the villains of the piece – are in fact cannibals.

Just to recap, Wall-E (2008) follows an endearing rubbish robot in his search for love with eco-bot Eva, set in 2805 after humans cause the destruction of our planet through relentless consumption.


According to the theory, the Starliner axiom – a flying, space-going safe haven for humans – was only supposed to be a five-year interim measure to house humanity while Wall-E cleans up our mess.

But after hundreds of years in flight, while Earth becomes habitable again, it’s fair to assume the Starliners must be running out of food… And yet the humans look like they’ve got a never-ending supply of Gregg’s.


The Film Theorists go on to ask where all the dead bodies go. The YouTuber has done the maths and worked out that, during its 700-year voyage, the Axiom would have amassed 2 million corpses, adding that it makes ‘mathematical sense to see if the surplus of one resource [corpses] can fix the deficit of the other [food]’ through recycling.

He also suggests the decision to turn cannibal was all down to the ship’s unthinking auto-pilot robot, with the passengers relinquishing all control to their AI fleet of slaves.

So good news: Wall-E doesn’t paint humanity as willing monsters resorting to cannibalism. We’re just ignorant, fat slobs instead… And so everything is once more right in the world.

Francesca Donovan

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