This Is The Insane Amount Amazon Spent On The Grand Tour

by : UNILAD on : 21 Nov 2016 16:14
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Amazon Prime paid a fuck load for The Grand Tour… and then I paid for it again when I watched it.


Jeremy Clarkson and his mates went to the highest bidder, which happened to be Amazon, who paid a whopping $250 million (£200 million) for the series.

Netflix boss Ted Sarandos revealed why Netflix didn’t outbid for Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May’s new motoring show.

clarkson1-622x350clarkson1-622x350Amazon Prime

The number of Prime subscribers is soaring but will it be enough for the £4.5 million they’re paying per episode?


It was previously reported that they paid £160 million, but Sarandos confirmed that was an ‘under-reported number’.

Sarandos said:

We knew what it was worth.

We made a play for that show, definitely, but we’ve had every season of Top Gear on Netflix in most territories in the world, so we had a better sense than most of what the audience was for Top Gear on our platform.

the-grand-tourthe-grand-tourAmazon Prime

Much to my surprise, The Grand Tour has received excellent reviews across the board, labelled as ‘Top Gear with a bigger budget’.

Just for reference, Top Gear had a budget of about £500,000 per show.

The second episode is available on Amazon Prime this Friday if you’re struggling with insomnia.

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