This Is What Blanca From ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Really Looks Like


Warning: Mild Spoilers


Hold onto your jaw as Blanca from Orange Is The New Black is completely unrecognisable out of costume.

We were awe-stricken last week when we saw what Skinhead Helen, played by Francesca Curran, looked like in real life, but now it appears that she wasn’t the only OITNB cast member to undergo a serious makeover.

Glamorous American actress, 38-year-old Laura Gómez, couldn’t look more different to her monobrowed and often unkempt character Blanca Flores.

It is amazing what a difference some tweezers and hair straighteners can make!!!

Although I’m sure stylish duo Flaca and Maritza –spoiler alert– could have told us that when they gave Blanca a transforming makeover in series five.

Blanca is first introduced to us in series one as a dangerous character who constantly has conversations with the devil in the prison toilets.

By series five though she is a major character who helped start the peaceful protest that fought for the removal of prison guard Piscatella.

She then forms an alliance with Red in an attempt to take him down, and that is all we’ll say on the matter.

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The fifth season of Orange Is The New Black is currently available to stream on Netflix.