This Is What Lavender From ‘Matilda’ Looks Like Now

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Remember that bright-eyed, chubby-cheeked trickster Lavender who we all loved in Matilda?

Well she’s just turned thirty!

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Even though that makes us feel fucking old, the child star, Kiami Davael, has aged pretty damn well.

She recently added a glamorous 30th birthday photo on Instagram.

Davael has ditched the specs and frills for a sleek tight white dress and fiery pout.

Uh Huh (miss) Honey…

#30 ❤️?? I MADE IT! But I take NONE of the glory. Thank you God for carrying me over these past 10 years when I couldn’t carry myself. Thank you for guidance, direction, & for growth. Thank you for NEVER leaving my side. Thank you for discernment. Thank you for removing me from situations I didn’t belong in. Thank you for removing people from my life that aren’t meant to go to the next level with me. I strive to be a woman of grace, confidence, faith, power, integrity and honesty. I pray You continue to carry & cover me, shape & mold me, & protect me. I’m SO proud of who I’ve become & what these 30 years have taught me. Thank you God for choosing me. Here’s to so many more that I can’t even count ?????. #HappyBirthdayToMe #BirthdayGirl #Dirty30 #30AndUpClub #Blessed

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Because in between takes w / @devineevans I thought I’d snap a fresh face selfie. ?????? #ImSecretlyReallySleepy ?

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Meanwhile, our magical and plucky heroine Matilda, played by now 29 year-old Mara Wilson, has published a book called ‘Where Am I Now’ all about growing up.

Here’s Mara with her new book, featuring Matilda-esque bangs…

Both actresses have stayed pretty under the radar since Matilda, although Wilson recently appeared in the TV series’ Broad City and BoJack Horseman.

Davael has slightly overshadowed her old pal Wilson in their acting career, starring in the 2000 film Bruno and TV series Conan.

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and watch Lavender’s classic newt prank for some office-antics inspiration.