The Twins From Skins Look Like Completely Different People Now


You can judge pretty much anyone on how they relate to different seasons of Skins.

Do you remember fancying the wide-eyed, red-headed twins from Skins?

They couldn’t have been more different from each other on the show… and in real life!

Viewers of the Channel 4 show Body Fixers were taken aback when sassy twin Katie (Megan Prescott) revealed her new bodybuilder lifestyle!

The twins appeared on series three and four of the show where Katie (Megan) was the controlling, bossy twin who always dominated Emily (Kathryn Prescott), who was more timid and came out as a lesbian in series three.

You can just about recognise her big eyes and baby face, but Megan Prescott has been documenting her fitness journey in a new show called Dumbbells and Donuts, the Mirror reports.

The caption reads:

This documentary follows Megan Prescott (star of E4’s drama series SKINS and our short horror film Turn Around When Possible) on a 10 month personal journey as he pushes her body and mind to the limit training to compete in a UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Bikini-Fitness event in May 2016.

Megan’s Instagram shows off her incredible abs and the impressive results she has worked for:

Since starring in Skins, Megan also appeared in Silent Witness and Holby City, but looks to be focusing on her fitness career.

Her sister Kathryn (who played Emily), vowed never to work with Megan again after their Skins success. It turns out the twins weren’t very close in real life but couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be on the show.

Now Kathryn has moved over the pond to America, landing a main part in MTV’s Finding Carter.

Here’s Kathryn:


It’s safe to say they’ve gone their separate ways!

They’ve moved on a long way from their alcohol and drug fueled lifestyles…

Yay for exercise instead of tequila? (hmm).