This Is Why Love Island’s Jonny Is Always Blinking

by : Francesca Donovan on : 10 Jul 2017 12:25

Love Island‘s resident ‘tuna melt’, Jonny is a lot of things, but we can all agree he’s blinking annoying.


The hopeful but misguided and ultimately controlling Casanova has antagonised viewers and Love Islanders alike, but things reached peak mug in last night’s episode when he blinked and gurned his way through an awkward dairy entry.

According to a dating expert, whose Twitter commentary on Love Island has earned her a loyal following, there’s more going on here than meets the eye…

Or the continuous and irritating meeting of eyelids, I should say.

Nadia Essex, of Celebs Go Dating, tweeted:


Essex claims that ‘Jonny’s heavy blinking means he is VERY insecure about the situation he is talking about’; namely the accusation that Theo is a prick.

Theo, who rocked the boat in a shock recoupling, echoed Essex’s thoughts, last night telling Tyla:

He is on you 24/7. To me that shows me how insecure he is at the moment and to not even let you out of his grasp, out of his sight.


Tyla responded to Theo and Jonny’s squabbling, saying:

I had to stick up for him but I don’t think what he said was particularly mature and I do think it was a bit ridiculous. I also think it was outrageous that you squared up to him as well. Laughing it off would have been a much more gentlemanly or manly thing to do.

Either way both of you were completely childish but I hope you can understand why he was so angry. I have to respect your decision and you’ve not been horrible to me, you’ve not done anything wrong but I have to sleep on the sofa again, thanks for that.

In other Love Island news, today, it was revealed that ITV2 producers are having to edit out the contestant’s bedroom antics, for fear viewers will think the show is sensationalised and over-sexed.


Shouldn’t be a problem for Jonny, at least.

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