This May Be The Most Awkward ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ Moment Ever

by : UNILAD on : 13 Mar 2016 13:45

There’s been a lot of memorable moments on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway over the years, but this cringeworthy live TV blunder might be the best (or worst) yet.


Last night on the popular ITV entertainment show, the presenting duo picked out an audience member who had the chance to win a load of prizes.

So far, so standard.

However, things soon took a turn when the oversized hand swept its way across the lively audience to pick out the lucky audience member and one overeager woman jumped up believing she was the one who’d been chosen.


She really went for it with her celebration too, jumping around and screaming, only to suddenly realise, to her sheer embarrassment, that it was actually the woman sitting behind her who had been selected.

Oh, it’s awkward. It’s so awkward…

As audience members laughed at the blunder, Ant quickly reassured the overeager audience member: “Bit of confusion there. Sorry love, it was the woman behind you!”


Oh dear. Did we mention it was awkward?

Anyway, Twitter was quick to pile on and have a good old laugh at this poor woman’s expense:


And, in the end, the audience member who was actually chosen didn’t fare too well in her attempt to win the ads:

Maybe they should have given that other woman a shot, after all…

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