This Morning Fans In Tears Over Inspirational Couple With Down Syndrome


This Morning viewers were left in tears when they were introduced to an inspirational couple who both have Down Syndrome on the show today. 

Maryanne and Tommy Pilling appeared on This Morning today (July 13), to tell their story. Both members of the couple have Down Syndrome, and when they got together, they were told their relationship wouldn’t last.

The couple were first introduced in 1991, and Maryanne and Tommy admitted to Holly and Phillip that ‘it was love at first sight’. They now live alone in a flat next door to Maryanne’s mother, Linda, and are ‘more in love than ever’.

Watch them here:

Maryanne and Tommy celebrated their 23rd anniversary on This Morning, and Holly and Phillip were so touched by their story that the presenters offered to pay for the couple’s dinner.

The This Morning team had already gifted the couple four tickets to see theatre show Strictly Ballroom in London.

Phillip said:

Holly and I will pay for dinner for you.

To which Maryanne replied: 

You’re my favourite guy.

Phillip joked:

Well, second favourite

Maryanne’s mother Linda joined the couple on the daytime show, and told her side of the story. She had helped Maryanne and Tommy plan their wedding, but had received criticism for doing so.

Non alcoholic cider ?

Posted by Maryanne and Tommy on Monday, 18 June 2018

She said:

Other parents couldn’t understand why I was willing to take it as far as I did.

But they had an official engagement for four years followed by the huge white wedding they wanted.

They married in a church and her dress was made by her auntie and and it was stunningly beautiful.

Linda also explained the fear she felt when she learnt she was going to give birth to a baby with Down Syndrome, but said now she considers herself very lucky.

She said:

It was unknown then. I was just 21 and she was my first baby.

But if I could see myself now I’d kick myself up the backside and say you don’t know how lucky you are.

Birthday fun continued!

Posted by Maryanne and Tommy on Sunday, 20 May 2018

This Morning viewers were inspired by the story, sharing their love for the couple on social media.

One viewer wrote:

This story of the married couple with downs syndrome is so heart warming it really has filled me with happiness! #ThisMorning

Another added:

#Thismorning what a beautiful piece with the couple with Downs Syndrome celebrating 23 years of marriage- totally warmed my heart

A third wrote:

Watching this morning struggling to understand why anyone would be against the couple with Down syndrome getting married! Don’t they deserve happiness  They are adorable together! #happyanniversary #provingeveryonewrong #ThisMorning

Some viewers admitted the couple’s story had reduced them to tears.

One person wrote:

Aww so sweet, I was in tears watching #ThisMorning

Another said:

Actually sat crying at #ThisMorning this couple are beyond beautiful. Their love is just pure and so real. #whatweallwishtohave #HappyAnniversaryguys

While a different viewer wrote:

Actually sat crying at #ThisMorning this couple are beyond beautiful. Their love is just pure and so real. #whatweallwishtohave #HappyAnniversaryguys

Congratulations to the couple on their marriage and proving the doubters wrong. You’re both an inspiration.

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