This New Game Of Thrones Theory About Jaime and Cersei Is Brutal

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Cersei and Jaime Lannister’s incestuous relationship has been, to put it lightly, the cause of a lot of shit on Game of Thrones.


Bran’s fall was the first example of how their romance has been a catalyst for terrible things, but one fan theory suggests that it may just be their ruin.

Fans are suggesting Jaime will be forced kill Cersei before dying himself, according to Buzzfeed.

Although it’s widely believed Daenerys will take after her father and become the Mad Queen, if you believe this fan theory, it will actually be Cersei who will follow in Aerys’s footsteps.


Fans of the show seem to think she’ll go mad and set King’s Landing on fire – and Jaime will kill her like he did Aerys. It may seem insane, but there’s some pretty solid evidence to support this theory.

Cersei, like the Mad King, sees enemies everywhere she goes and is convinced she needs to destroy them. And her paranoia, like we saw in season five, stems from a prophecy she received as a young girl from fortune teller Maggy the Frog.

Since then, many of Cersei’s decisions have been motivated by her fear of this prophecy.

Maggy predicted Cersei wouldn’t marry a prince, but a king; the king would have 20 children and Cersei would have three; a younger, more beautiful queen would take all she holds dear; Cersei’s children would wear crowns, and die before her; and Cersei’s grief will ‘drown’ her, and then the ‘valonqar’ (High Valyrian for ‘little brother’) will strangle her to death.

So far, it’s nearly all come true. Other the fact that Tommen hasn’t died (yet) and Cersei hasn’t been strangled to death, the prophecy is pretty much complete.

In the past, Jaime has already saved King’s Landing from wildfire, and murdered the Mad King in the process. Who says he wouldn’t do it again? A reserve of wildfire is still in the city, as we saw from the Battle of Blackwater back in season two – and according to Bran’s vision, it will explode at some point.


According to the fan theory, it will be Cersei who will use it – and the fact that she’s mentioned burning the city down numerous times kind of backs that up.

Basically, something (most likely Tommen’s death) will trigger Cersei to try and burn King’s Landing to the ground – and Jaime will kill her to prevent it from happening. He’ll either then take his life, or the wildfire will burn him and the city, Buzzfeed reports.

Need more proof? The burnt throne room Daenerys saw in her vision in the House of the Undying back in Season 2 could have been representing this:


I think it’s time everyone got out of King’s Landing.

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