This Photo Confirms Eleven’s Fate In Stranger Things Season Two

by : UNILAD on : 26 Oct 2016 01:35


It feels like an eternity now since we all binge-watched and digested the sheer awesomeness of Netflix hit show Stranger Things


But now we know series two won’t be happening for almost a year, it’s given the internet plenty of time to speculate about what the latest instalment will have in-store for us all.

The rumour mill went into absolute overdrive when a not-so-obvious advert for extras in the program went up, indicating the possibility of an army of Elevens.


But now we might finally know what the future holds for the original Eleven. The actress who plays her, Millie May Brown, has now somewhat let the cat out of the bag by suggesting that she’s likely to return to the show in some capacity for the upcoming series.


Taking to Instagram, the child star shared an image of her alongside actor David Harbour, who plays police chief Jim Hopper.

Between that photo and her recent comments to Interview magazine, it definitely wouldn’t be worth betting against her reuniting with Mike and the gang once again.

In that interview, she said:

Sunday I’m going to the White House. And I cannot wait to go back to work. It’s like I crave it, and when I get on set—it’s not just that I love what I do—I love meeting new people. The crew, it’s like being around my family, and I know them very well. It’s really nice to go to work every day. It makes so much sense to just love what you do and go to work every day to get to get to work.


Well thank God for that, at least we can rest easy now knowing the Upside Down won’t be the end of her.

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