This Scene From The Exorcist 3 Described As ‘Scariest Ever’

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Horror films can grip us to the edge of our seats, force adrenaline to course through our veins and relegate us to hiding behind the cushions.

But what is it that makes the perfect horror scene? Some people enjoy the instant gratification of jump scares while other want to feel invested in their fear-inducing scary movies.

Reddit – otherwise known as the font of all online knowledge – has discovered the answer, after one user charmingly named ‘Frontfart’ shared a clip from The Exorcist III.

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The scene is artfully shot, with the camera lens keeping a steady focus on a hospital corridor as a nurse quietly goes about her business.

Momentarily, she hears scratching coming from behind one of the heavy wooden doors and moves to check the source.

As we all know, curiosity kills the supporting cast in every good horror film, and inevitably the scene cuts to a body bag after a jolly good jump scare.

20th Century Fox

One viewer said, ‘The build up is perfect, with all the noises and a fake scare’.

Another chimed in:

Fuck that scene. Had nightmares for weeks because of that one scene. God, I love horror movies that mess with your mind and don’t rely on gore and loud noises.

Despite the warm reception on Reddit, the third film in The Exorcist franchise was met with nonplussed responses, with critics saying the movie was flawed but scary and giving it just 55 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check it out:

The film is based on director William Peter Blatty’s novel, Legion, which follows an investigation into a series of murders that resemble those of deceased serial killer, The Gemini.

With satanic undertones and plenty of eerie silences, you can see why The Exorcist III has become a horror cult classic.