Tiger King 2: Rotten Tomatoes Scores Are Painfully Low For New Series

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Tiger King 2: Rotten Tomatoes Scores Are Painfully Low For New SeriesNetflix

The reviews for Tiger King season two are in, and according to Rotten Tomatoes it’s not looking good.

If ever there was a show that arrived at the right moment it was Tiger King, which launched onto Netflix just as the world was beginning to lock down over the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone needed something to do with their spare time.


The Netflix series followed GW Zoo owner Joe Exotic and covered all sorts of aspects of his life, from his long-standing feud with rival Carole Baskin to his attempt to become president of the United States.


Audiences were hooked, as a show about people who keep tigers in cages took them on a wild ride and ended with Joe Exotic in prison, convicted of 17 charges of animal abuse and two counts of attempted murder for hire against Baskin.

Screen Rant named it the second biggest show of 2020, eclipsed only by the second season of The Mandalorian, and given the runaway success of the first series of Tiger King a sequel was all but guaranteed.


However, it appears that lightning has not struck twice as Tiger King‘s second season has received a savage mauling from the critics.

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, only 20% of critics have given the sequel series a good review and the general consensus among critics seems to be that Tiger King 2 treads over a lot of old ground and has little that is new and interesting.

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However, those figures are flipped the other way when it comes to user reviews, with 80% of viewers saying they liked what they saw of the new season.


Still, among the critics it’s a long drop from the runaway success of the first season, which got the thumbs up from 85% of critics and seemingly had the whole world talking about Tiger King for a while.

Much of Tiger King 2 is leftover footage that didn’t make the cut in the first season, which perhaps explains why the magic seems to have gone second time around.

With Joe Exotic in prison and Carole Baskin refusing to take part – BBC News reports that she and her husband Howard are suing Netflix over footage of them appearing in season two – the show we all enjoyed with the original Tiger King is essentially over, and Tiger King 2 ends up being a feeble tribute act that tries to keep the party going long after the main attractions have left.

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