Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Set To Earn $1 Million Sending Personal Messages

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Jul 2020 19:02
Tiger King's Carole Baskin Set To Earn $1 Million Sending Personal MessagesNetflix/Carole Baskin/Cameo

After Tiger King first aired – a time which now feels approximately a hundred years ago – there was one name on everyone’s lips: Carole ‘F*cking’ Baskin.

As the sworn nemesis of eccentric zoo owner Joe Exotic, many an accusation and insult was thrown at Carole throughout the now iconic documentary series.


Carole has since used her newfound fame to show a different side of herself, offering a bespoke personal messaging service for fans. And her new business venture has proven very lucrative indeed, with the well-known cat lover apparently set to rake in a fair wad of cash before the year is out.

Carole BaskinCarole Baskin/Cameo/Riseatseven

Earlier this month, NPR reported that Carole had earned herself a very tasty $100,000 in the space of a single week, as per Cameo CEO Steven Galanis.

This was back in early July. If Carole was to earn this sum every week for the remainder of 2020, she’d be a very rich woman indeed by New Year’s Eve, pocketing over $2.4 million from her popular vids.


Of course, this is just an estimate and it’s unlikely Carole will be making this sort of money week-in-week-out. However, judging by how popular her Cameo account has been, it’s fair to say she will be earning enough to keep herself in leopard print tops and flower crowns for the foreseeable future.

Carole BaskinCarole Baskin/Cameo

Indeed, a previous report from The Sun claimed that Carole had earned £16,000 (just over $20,000) on the very first day that she signed up to Cameo.

Not too shabby at all for one day’s worth of work, and a sum which would earn her over $1 million should she earn this amount every day for the rest of the year, as per research from Bader Scott injury lawyers. However, judging by the reported weekly rate, the Big Cat Rescue owner could potentially be clawing in decidedly more than that.


Carole is currently charging fans £248.17 for a personalised message, which appears to have risen from the £165.17 advertised on her account just a couple of weeks back. It’s unclear what effect this will have on her earnings, or whether or not true Carole fans will mind splashing out a bit extra.

This price is admittedly a little steep compared to some Cameo celebs (as an example, Heidi Montag from The Hills charges just £83), but fans do not appear to have been put off.

Carole Baskin Tiger King 2Netflix

According to Carole’s Cameo profile:


You know me as ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s intended murder victim but my real life’s work has been at Big Cat Rescue for a world where all wild cats live free. Please be a voice for cats: BigCatAct.com

At the time of writing, Carole holds a five star rating, based off 193 reviews. Unfortunately, she has also had to deal with a few pranks along the way, with one customer requesting a message for Rolf Harris and his ‘best friend’ Jimmy Savile.

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